Arzal - Camoël

Arzal-Camoël is probably the largest fresh water marina on the Atlantic coast and is worth visiting from several points of view. First, you will have entered the River Vilaine, which makes a nice addition to your log book. Then because you can try out a different style of boating that is not affected by swell or crowds; calmly exploring inland waterways – a sort of nautical yoga.


Like the eel, you like to sail between two banks, from time to time, on flat water, overlooked by inquisitive cows. Just how far will you weave your way upstream, chatting with anglers and watching the flight of the mallards?

We have designed a lock, especially for you, so that you can make your way through the dam. The eels have a fish way, by which elvers that have escaped from the ocean and fishing nets can make their way upstream towards the marshes of the Rivers Vilaine, Aff and Oust, where they can then develop.  You can see them through a window as they go past.